Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anime Quote of the Day
Bandaged Stranger - "You have the right to vote, don't you?"

Naoe Yamato - "There's no one I want to vote for. They all just blow."

Bandaged Stranger - "But you still have to choose."

Naoe Yamato - "Why? Curry with sh*t in it, or maybe some sh*t with curry in it? Which would you choose? That's the country we live in."

Bandaged Stranger - "Sounds fine to me. Out there are countries where all you pick is the sh*t itself. And you're fed it every second you're alive. If that happened here, you couldn't even pitch you're little fit."

-Bandaged Stranger speaking to Naoe Yamato, Majikoi Oh! Samuria Gilrs